Affiliate Program

Earn up 20% per referral 

Partner with LearnTheColregs and earn 20% recurring commission. All you need to do is sign up today. Get your unique link and share on your website, a social media post, your blog, or wherever you choose.


Don’t just get paid once. Earn a commission on every recurring payment the customer makes.

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How It Works

Step 1.

Refer someone through one of you links.

Step 2.

You receive a 20% commission for them signing up.

Step 3.

The customer continues the subscription for a further payment cycle.

Step 4.

You receive a further 20% commission for them continuing their membership.

Step 5.

You continue to collect commission for the duration of the subscription.

Example Recurring Commissions per Subscription

Monthly Subscription

Quarterly Subscription

6 Monthly Subscription

Yearly Subscription

1st Month £3.99
2nd Month £3.99
3rd Month £3.99
4th Month £3.99
5th Month £3.99
6th Month £3.99
7th Month £3.99
8th Month £3.99
9th Month £3.99
10th Month £3.99
11th Month £3.99
12th Month £3.99

1st Month £8.99
4th Month £8.99
7th Month £8.99
10th Month £8.99

1st Month £15.99
7th Month £15.99

1st Month £23.99

Potential yearly earnings per single referral